Care & Repair – Syd + Pia Jewelry

Care & Repair

CARE: Most of Syd + Pia's pieces are handmade to ensure the highest quality construction; while some are casted. The casted pieces are made out of 100% recycled brass metal, or sterling silver for some. The handmade pieces have a unique appeal. Each piece is a little different from the other making it special in its own way; please allow for slight variations. It is up to you to treat your Syd + Pia piece properly so it can remain in good condition. All of our ear posts are sterling silver, or 14k gold filled. Every piece of Syd + Pia NYC™ is made in the designer's  studio. The brass & sterling silver pieces are high polished with a 14k gold plating + an added coating for anti tarnish, yet it's the nature of metal to tarnish with exposure to air and skin after many wear. DO NOT expose your piece to water or other liquids -- don't wear your piece in the shower, bath, or while exercising or perspiring. To clean your Syd + Pia NYC™ piece, polish with a soft, dry cloth. DO NOT use water-based or other wet cleaning solutions. All jewelry should be treated with the utmost care specially the pieces that have beads or stones.

REPAIR: Repairs can be made for pieces purchased through for up to a year from purchase date. Repairs at no fault of the customers are free; all other repairs will have a fee applied to them. Please email for any repair inquiries.